Enjoy Berlin like a true Berliner!
Dee Laffan
Go on a journey through one of Europe’s coolest cities with Dee Laffan, a regular visitor to the city, who dishes local favourites for your next visit
20 September 2023 Consumer
Tips for how to shop and eat on a student budget
Going to college can be a financial challenge for many reasons, but food doesn’t have to be one of them, writes Dee Laffan.
13 September 2023 Features
Check out some of this year's Ploughing pit stops
No matter what part of the island you’re travelling from to attend the Ploughing, we’ve a selection of incredible stops to keep you satisfied, writes Dee Laffan
The rising costs of going back to school
With the cost-of-living crisis showing no signs of abating, parents are feeling the financial burden of children going back to school and a recent survey highlights this, writes Dee Laffan.
16 August 2023 Consumer
No smoke without fire: turning inherited farms into a dream business
Dee Laffan chats to partners in all things food, fire and smoke, Pat Conway and Jim O’Brien, about how they turned inherited farms into their dream business, Smokin’ Soul.
16 August 2023 News
Beauty is skin deep, unfortunately so is plastic
In the final instalment of our series exploring plastic use in our every day lives, Dee Laffan absorbs the realities of how much plastic is used in her skincare
9 August 2023 Consumer
Food: plastic packaging – unwrapping up the truth
Dee Laffan looks past the plastic wrapping on food to see the truths of how harmful it is to the environment and our health, and what we can do to help.
2 August 2023 Consumer
Selecting the perfect dinner party wines
Dee Laffan gets some wine pairing advice from WSET sommelier and wine educator, Brigid O’Hora to help make the tastiest choice for entertaining at home.
2 August 2023 Neven
Ingredient focus: chard - bringing a pop of colour to your plate
In the first of a new monthly feature focusing on seasonal fruit and vegetables, Dee Laffan digs up a widely underused but utterly delicious vegetable, chard.
26 July 2023
The story of Lough Neagh Eels and the fishing co-op
Dee Laffan unravels the story behind a fishing industry that dates back 100 years, intrinsically linked to Lough Neagh's inhabitants and families of fisherman who have fished there for generations.
19 July 2023 News
Plastic clothing – the good, the bad and the greenwashing
In the first in a three-part consumer series on plastic use in our daily lives, Dee Laffan speaks with Éoin Dillon, founder of Reuben Avenue clothing brand and a pioneer of anti-plastic use.
19 July 2023 Consumer
A whistle-stop food tour around Donegal
Dee Laffan takes us to five must-visit culinary stops and experiences in Co Donegal
12 July 2023