Celebrate rural with Macra: online live event
Katie Barragry
Macra Rural Youth hopes to highlight the benefits associated with rural life in a live event on Tuesday 30 March.
27 March 2021 Gardening
Celebrating National Tree Week
Sponsored by Coillte, this year's National Tree Week will run from March 21 to 27, Katie Barragry writes.
25 March 2021 Property
Quality land with excellent road frontage available in Westmeath
Guiding with a price of €200,000, the pasture land is contained in one block.
On-trend representation
According to PR expert Gemma Smyth, effective networking, communication and keeping up with social media trends shouldn’t be underestimated within the agri-food sector, writes Katie Barragry.
24 March 2021 Features
Yoga and relaxation for children
The Creative by Nature interactive camps will take place via Zoom over the Easter holidays
24 March 2021 Health
9 out of 10 taxpayers unsure of what rate of tax they pay
A study has revealed that 90% of taxpayers in Ireland are not sure of what rate of tax they pay, writes Katie Barragry.
20 March 2021 Consumer
Older people encouraged to get active with FitLine
FitLine is a free telephone service, designed to help older people take that first step in getting active.
17 March 2021 Health
Good-quality fertile land available in prime Kildare location
The property will be sold by public auction, with lands sold in lots or as an entire.
11 March 2021 Property
For the love of chocolate
Cadbury's Dairy Milk has launched new packaging for the beloved chocolate bar to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.
10 March 2021 Features
Are we underestimating our ability to speak Irish?
Applied linguistics researcher Shane Barry is working on a PhD, focusing on Irish language self-efficacy beliefs.
10 March 2021 Features
Groundcare: composting for beginners
Not only is compost a natural fertiliser in your garden, it also lessens the amount of household waste in landfill sites. Composting is a quick and easy process that can be done in any size garden.
10 March 2021 Gardening
Groundcare: growing a small herb garden at home
Whether you’re hoping to start growing your own produce or simply looking for a therapeutic lockdown project, growing a small herb garden is a good starting point, writes Katie Barragry.
10 March 2021 Gardening