Letter re implementation of Nitrates change
Letters to the Editor
"The announcement of a reduction from 250kgN/ha to 220kgN/ha flings our entire sector into very dangerous unprecedented territory." - Aine O'Connell, IFA
22 November 2023 Letters
Letter about the importance of farm policy following latest science
"Farm policy should follow the latest science" - Jim O'Brien, Chair, ICSF
22 November 2023 Letters
Letter re compensation to farmers following flooding
"Flooding – The government is dithering on help. Their excuse, we can’t breech EU State aid rules." – Judy Bryant, Co. Offaly
Letter re: rising costs vs grants available
Rising building costs – 60% TAMS grant not the case – Name & Details with the Editor
22 November 2023 Letters
Letter with comments on new beef index
"Politics rather than science driving new beef index." - Eddie Connell, Co Offaly.
15 November 2023 Letters
Letter regarding the ICBF index change
The suckler sector will meet its environmental targets by 2030 if those suckling just continue as we are, given the huge exodus of farmers from the sector - Thomas Garraghy, by email
15 November 2023 Letters
Letter urging support for suckler farming
"Mind and hold on to what is left of our suckler herd - when it goes, it is gone forever. " - JP Cowley, Rathlee, Easkey, Co. Sligo
15 November 2023 Letters
Letter regarding proposed derogation changes
"We need to step back from the cliff edge now and not destroy Irish agriculture for future generations." - John O'Brien, deputy chair, Barryroe Co-op, chair of Clona Dairies, ICOS member, NDC member.
1 November 2023 Letters
Letter re dairy cull cows being sold at marts
"In every cull sale throughout the country some hands remain down because of a lack of basic information." - Frank Kehoe, Ferns, Co Wexford
1 November 2023 Letters
Suckler farmers left in the dark
"Any ICBF ranking has to reflect the realities of the marketplace" - Flor McCarthy, suckler and sheep farmer, Killowen, Kenmare, Co Kerry.
25 October 2023 Letters
Letter re antimicrobial resistance
"Antimicrobial resistance is a real problem. We as farmers can do our bit." - Mike Magan, Killashee, Co Longford
25 October 2023 Letters
Letter regarding ash dieback problem
"No thought was given to how this decision would affect ash trees on the perimeter of these forests." - Richard Ryan, Cross, Pallasgreen, Co Limerick
25 October 2023 Letters