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Did you know bees go buzz-erk when they see a clover plant? We’re learning lots of fun facts about bees and wildflowers from the @keelingsfruits page. It’s part of their Great Rewilding initiative where they are giving away 100,000 wildflower seeds in an effort to address the reduction of Ireland’s bee and pollinator population. To get involved, pick up their free wildflower seeds by redeeming promotional codes online from their special berry punnets.

Letter to the Editor

In the Living Life feature A Bird Never Flew on One Wing (22 April), Anthony Morrissey wrote about how he has missed walking into a pub and how he hopes to visit a specific pub in his vicinity when it’s once again safe, even though he will likely “stick out” as a townie. This came from the local publican:

Hi Anthony,

Just reading your article on the “want” for a pint in your local “Cooneys” post-COVID.

I am amused to read how you might think that “Cooneys” might just be for farmers. While the best of farmers do frequent this magical rural public house, it is a social outlet to a kaleidoscope of a clientele and a welcome like no other you will receive – I will even provide a complimentary “lift home” if required. I look forward to you dropping by when the time allows; until then, enjoy the wonderful village, aqua park and walking track in this area and all it has to offer.

Yours in anticipation of our meeting,


Cooneys Pub,

Craanford, Co Wexford

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Jack O’Sullivan and Kate O’Sullivan with their cousin Donagh Corkery, helping Mikey Joe O’Sullivan to pick stones at Kilcorney, Co Cork.

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The amount, in euro, of a gap between what male GAA and female GAA received in grant funding until 2021 when equity prevailed

Home management with Katherine O’Leary

Looking after your washing machine gets little thought until the day it is full up of clothes and water and won’t open or – worse still – there’s a flood in the back kitchen. You can save yourself a lot of trouble through simple maintenance. Wash the machine roughly every three months. Put it through a warm cycle using detergent while empty. Do not overload the machine with clothes. Always clean out pockets before loading the machine (items still escape and may, over time block the machine). Make sure you’ve read your instruction manual and know where the washing machine pump is located. There is usually an access point at the front and bottom of the machine. Newer machines have a little hose tucked away to make emptying the machine easier in the event of a blockage.

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The Buggans family on tips for camping in Ireland:

When Bear Grylls shot his survival show in Connemara, he was actually 15 minutes away from a Spar. Don’t panic about what to bring, just get on the road and shop locally