At Agritechnica, Case IH presented its most diverse tractor lineup yet, with models now spanning from 25hp to 778hp.

On its stand, the 100th anniversary of the Farmall tractor was celebrated by presenting an original Farmall model as a nod to the past.

At the same time, Case IH showed its focus on the future, having displayed its first fully electric tractor, the Farmall 75C Electric.

Earlier in the summer, Case IH previewed its 2024 tractor and telehandler updates near the Austrian capital, Vienna, and close by to its tractor production site in St Valentin.

Powershift options broaden Vestrum appeal

Case IH has broadened the appeal of its compact Vestrum range to customers not requiring the full capabilities of a CVT. The 100hp to 130hp three model range is now offered with the ActiveDrive 8 powershift transmission as an alternative to the CVXDrive (CVT), the only transmission offered in the Vestrum until now. On the other hand, the ActiveDrive 8 was previously only offered in the Maxxum series. The 40km/h dual clutch unit offers eight steps through three ranges (24x24).

Range one is designed for heavier draft-type applications from 0-10.7km/h, while range two spans from 4.3km/h to 18.1km/h. For road travel, the transmission can start in range three, with a 0-40km/hr speed range and a skip-shift function allowing quick powershift step progression. A creep speed is optional.

However, the ActiveDrive 8 does offers a number of similarities to a CVT, including the Active Clutch II ‘brake to neutral’ function, which allows the tractor to be halted by just the brakes alone.

Although a compact tractor, the Vestrum benefits from the full-size cab found on the larger ranges.

Two specification packages are available for ActiveDrive 8 tractors: Selection and Advanced. Selection models are equipped with mechanical spools, an 80 or 110l/min hydraulic pump, three-speed PTO and front linkage.

Other extras include air con and cab suspension. A low-profile (2.7m) panoramic roof option is available instead of the standard (2.83m) offering.

Meanwhile, the Advanced package includes front linkage, electro-hydraulic spools, and further advanced headland management, auto guidance and IsoBus.

Production of Vestrum ActiveDrive 8 models is already under way, with units now available through the dealer network.

Vestrum ActiveDrive 8 models are availble in two specification packages, Selection and Advanced.

Facelift for Farmlift telehandlers

Case IH has revised its Farmlift telehandler range, particularly in terms of hydraulics and cab comfort. Models remain with the same 4.5l engine, but are now all equipped with the 6F/3R PowerDrive powershift transmission.

While the Farmlift 633 (max lift capacity/lift height 3.3t/6m), 737 (3.7t/7m) and 935 (3.5t/9m) models continue with their established 140 l/min hydraulic system, a new high-flow 160 l/min pump now features on Farmlift 636 (3.6t/6m) and 742 (4.2t/7m) models.

As result, lifting/lowering times have been reduced by 25%, resulting in faster work cycles.

An electro-hydraulic self-levelling system replaces the conventional compensation cylinder with two angle sensors that provide real-time position information to an ECU.

The machine’s software then instantly calculates the tilt cylinder’s exact oil flow requirement, optimising self-levelling accuracy.

All Farmlift models are now fitted with the 6F/3R PowerDrive powershift transmission.


Inside the cab, controls are now more ergonomic than before and a 7in terminal has been added to display all key machine data and auxiliary features such as a reverse camera.

Display screens and settings are easily navigated through using the encoder.

A new LED load moment Indicator has also been fitted.

The new adjustable seat-mounted armrest incorporates a rubber membraned button keypad plus a new joystick with integral hydraulic, transmission and shuttle controls.

Functions include Active Bucket Shake and a return-to-position button. Through the terminal and joystick, dump speed and shaking frequency can be adjusted.

A semiautomatic back-to-position function has also been added, which allows operators to automatically go between two pre-determined boom positions.

The continuous flow function and the engine speed control function has been improved, while a power shuttle sensitivity button allows adjustment of acceleration after a direction change.

Operators can also select between predefined handling/loading/road modes.

Other keypad features include third-service pressure release, boom suspension, transmission de-clutch, boom reactivity, rear auxiliary services activation and boom level lift with synchronised boom extension/retraction.

In transport mode, boom hydraulics are disabled, smooth power shuttling enabled and two-wheel steer is engaged automatically.

In loading mode, fast shuttling and rapid boom movement are prioritised.

In handling mode, suited to precision handling applications such as stacking bales, default settings are then resumed.

All models are now AFS Connect-ready and supplied with a one-year AFS Connect telematics subscription. Deliveries of the new 2024 Farmlift range have started.

The Farmlift range benefits from a 7in control terminal and a seat mounted armrest where the joystick is positioned.

The engine bay on the Farmlift range remains easily accessed.

New Flagship 778hp Quadtrac

The star of the event was the all-new flagship Quadtrac 715 AFS Connect model. Arguably, the brand’s crown jewels of tractor models, the new 715 maxes out at 778hp, making it the most powerful production tractor built by Case IH.

While we may never see one sold in Ireland, the new model is primarily targeted at North American markets and similar farming landscapes which have been requiring more horsepower. The 715 sits at the top of the revised 525-645 AFS Connect model lineup.

The Quadtrac 715 (left) is fitted with a new, more modern bonnet design which is easily identified when compared to the current model (right).

Under the massive new bonnet is the new FPT Cursor 16-litre engine featuring a twin-stage intercooled turbo setup. It provides a displacement increase of 23% compared with the Quadtrac 645’s Cursor 13-litre engine. The full 778hp is churned out at 1,900rpm and the peak torque of 3,255Nm is reached at 1,400rpm.

Wider saddle fuel tanks on the rear frame totalling 1,968 litres allow 11% more fuel to be carried on board over the 645 model.

The 715 looks larger than its siblings and so it is, but not as much as one might think. The chassis measures 10cm longer but the new bonnet is also much larger than before, making the tractor look considerably larger too.

The bonnet is now electrically actuated and opens one-third higher compared to other models.

The bonnet on the Quadtrac 715 opens one third more and is done so via an electric acuator.
It also features new LED road and work lights that produce an output of 25,420 lumens, 11% more than current models.

Three further lighting packages are available with the top-level option delivering an additional 45,600 lumens and 360-degree coverage. At the event, we learnt that the new styling will eventually make its way down to the other Quadtrac models and potentially all other tractor ranges at some point.

The 778hp Quadtrac 715 has a peak torque of 3,255Nm at 1,400rpm.

Tracks and hydraulics

The new heavy-duty track units differ quite a bit to those fitted on the other models. They measure 305mm longer and increase ground contact by 6%.

The drive wheel diameter is now 1,008mm, up from 910mm, meaning a fifth track lug (four previously) is engaged with the drive wheel to handle more torque.

As standard the new Quadtrac 715 offers 11% more lighting capacity as standard with a further three light package options available to deliver a further 45,600 lumens.

Models fitted with the Cat 4 three point linkage offer a lift capacity of 10,092kg. Up to eight remote valves are supplied from either a 216l/min or optional 428l/min twin-flow SmartTorque hydraulic pump.


The AFS Connect cab with four-point suspension gets a new windscreen wiper with improved coverage and grab rails around the roof to improve safety while cleaning windows.

Internally, there are new storage areas, new LED lighting and an enhanced sound system option, an integrated monitor rail and space for a second AFS Pro 1200 terminal.

The new Quadtrac 715 benefits from an improved windscreen wiper and sound system.