Steyr debuted its prototype Hybrid CVT to the public for the first time at Agritechnica. In testing the past four years, it is a fully-operational tractor that is close to production-ready.

The system is a combination of hydro-mechanical CVT drive to the rear axle and the hybrid module on the front axle, both of which are combined with an intelligent 4WD clutch.

Based on the 180hp Steyr 6175 Impuls CVT, the electrically powered front axle boosts the maximum power to 260hp.

Meanwhile, the diesel-electric technique combines a traditional hydro-mechanical CVT for the rear axle.

The E-CVT function means the tractor is powered hybrid-electrically up to 75kW and 1,100rpm. Enhancing comfort with non-constant PTO loads such as big square baler work, and maintaining ground speed via electric drive, with no mechanical connection with the engine.

Steyr says E-Shuttling results in 41% faster manoeuvring at low engine speeds and a 15% reduction in fuel. It adds that E-Steering accelerates the front axle during turns, to reduce the turning radius by 15% for 20% faster manoeuvring.

E-Boost provides additional electric power when needed, such as after slowing down at a junction, after which full speed can be re-attained 25% faster than with a conventional transmission. Steyr claim this is possible using supercapacitor technology, which allows electricity generated by the tractor when, travelling downhill, etc, to be stored for when needed.

With E-Torque, torque is directed to the front or rear wheels as required, creating a variable, on-demand 4WD system. E-Braking keeps the tractor’s speed constant on downhill gradients and uses the electric driveline like a retarder to minimise brake wear.

E-Eco Mode is designed to allow the tractor to operate during light work and transport at the highest efficiency according to the combination of electric and CVT drive power. Steyr claims it has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by 10%.