Arrowquip Q-Catch 87 Series cattle chute

A gold medal winner at the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society Of Scotland (RHASS) show, the new Q-Catch 87 Series cattle chute from Arrowquip is reputed to be stronger, faster, and quieter than any model before it, with the chute “providing a truly silent cattle handling experience”, the company says.

Fitted with new direct-drive head gate technology, it provides rapid head gate response, while the 3E head gate draws cattle into the chute to prevent stops in the flow of cattle through the system for increased efficiency.

It is fitted with 87 ‘quiet points’ found from front to back, an enhanced heavy-duty frame, with the chute also backed by a 15-year warranty.

Merlo eWorker telehandlers

The winner of a silver medal in the RHASS technical innovation awards was the Merlo eWorker, an exclusive range of compact telehandlers that are 100% powered by electric batteries.

The all-electric Merlo eWorker is designed to work in confined spaces while cutting down on noise and air pollution.

The machines are designed to reduce noise levels and polluting emissions, increase manoeuvrability in confined spaces and drastically reduce operating costs compared to similar models equipped with diesel engines.

The compactness of the handler makes it highly suited to working in closed environments such as stables, warehouses, materials sheds, industries and underground environments.

Ox strain post

A less than common product seen in Ireland is the ox strain post, manufactured by Moore Concrete Ltd in Northern Ireland.

The octagonal post is shaped to make the wrapping of wire easier, with the post designed to be driven similar to a normal strainer.

Moore Concrete displayed its concrete straining and intermediate post, with an octagonal shape, spacing for props and a plastic strip embedded for stapling on wire.

A cap with a double cushion is placed on the strainer top to protect it from damage when driving, with the bottom of the post also pointed for easy driving.

A recent addition to the range is an intermediate post, with both the strainer and intermediate posts now also fitted with a plastic strip to allow staples to be driven into the post.

Herdwatch app

A popular app among cattle farmers here in Ireland is now gaining traction with sheep farmers, with over 1,000 UK sheep farmers now signed up to the Herdwatch system.

Herdwatch is gaining traction in the UK among sheep farmers as a management tool for animal remedies and inspections.

It allows farmers to record remedies on the spot, track remedy usage and tracks the withdrawal periods on groups of stock.


As Herdwatch is fully compliant with Bord Bia and Department of Agriculture requirements, once records for remedy purchases and usage and feed purchases are input, there is no need to input the data to additional books or apps.