Ten years of health checks
Peter McCann
Over 22,000 people have availed of the Farm Families Health Check scheme in Northern Ireland. Peter McCann reports.
14 September 2022 Features
Walk your way to better health with our 21-day challenge
As part of our 21-day walking challenge, physiotherapist and health writer Stephen O’Rourke shares his advice for starting off on the right foot.
13 September 2022
Walk your way to better health and win a trip to Fota with our 21-day challenge
Send us a a photo and a story about your favourite walk and be in with a chance to win a trip to Fota Island Resort in Cork.
Health: does the term “heart failure” put the heart crossways in you?
Feeling breathless or tired? Don’t assume it’s age – it could be that you are developing heart failure, but don’t let the term frighten you, writes Margaret Hawkins
10 August 2022 Health
Nessa Robins' heart-healthy recipes
Nessa Robins shares her heart-healthy recipes for tomato, lentil and orzo stew and overnight oats to help combat high blood pressure.
6 July 2022 Recipes