McCarthy family unit delivering in Limerick
Jack Kennedy
A developed family farm is taking it to another level on the Cork and Limerick border.
30 September 2020 News
On-farm Brucellosis testing ends in NI
It is now five years since Northern Ireland received Officially Brucellosis Free status in October 2015
Farm inspections to recommence in Northern Ireland
Various farm inspections by DAERA staff are to recommence in the coming days.
Northern Ireland pauses farm inspections
A decision has been made in the interest of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.
27 March 2020 News
A passion for sucklers that runs deep
Some of my friends have sold their suckler herds, but I don’t think it is something I could do, writes John Egerton.
4 March 2020 News
Irish bulls heading for Algeria
Trade with Algeria has opened after an export health cert was agreed between Department of Agriculture and Algerian counterparts.
26 November 2019 News
Farmer Writes: breeding Red Angus in California
The McPhee family in Lodi, California, held their annual pedigree Red Angus sale in September and are now getting ready for winter. Sisters Rita and Mary McPhee run the business together.
12 December 2018 Farmer Writes
World's oldest cheese found to be 3,200 years old
A team of scientists have discovered a mass in a tomb in ancient Egypt to be the world's oldest solid cheese.
29 August 2018 Scotland
3,200-year-old cheese discovered in ancient Egyptian tomb
Scientists have been able to identify a previously unknown material found in a tomb in Egypt as cheese, that was made from sheep or goat milk.
19 August 2018 News
Brucellosis testing reduced in beef herds
The change is part of a gradual dismantling of brucellosis testing requirements in NI.
10 January 2018 News
€390 price gap between top and bottom cattle
Farmers are becoming increasingly focused on animal quality when buying cattle. Nathan Tuffy analyses MartWatch prices, focusing on steers and heifers this week.
27 December 2017 Markets
Quality Milk Awards: Masons leading the Kerry charge
Fragmented farm not holding back Kerry double act.
24 September 2017 Milk quality