NI: £1 per head TB levy proposed
David Wright
Farmers have suggested a levy across all cattle rather than cutting compensation for TB reactor animals.
13 December 2017 News
Compensation of up to €100,000 for ESB pole and pylons
Since 1985, landowners have the right to compensation if the ESB erects poles or pylons on their land, however this compensation hasn’t been availed of much until recently.
22 November 2017 News
Battle set to resume over TB compensation
Proposals due to go for public consultation would see a significant reduction in compensation paid for TB reactor cattle
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Ulster Grassland Society to visit Omagh farm, £1,000 flood compensation scheme opens, over 1,400 online BPS applications submitted and fertiliser prices hold steady.
6 April 2016 News
£1,000 flooding scheme opens on 4 April
Eligible farmers will be able to claim £1,000 for flooding relief from 4 April.
23 March 2016 News
Major concerns remain on Forestry Bill
IFA president says it is unacceptable that farmers who to commit to forestry for life have no guarantee that the full potential of the crop will be realised.
2 April 2014 Forestry
Legal queries: Compensation claim for in-calf heifer
This weeks readers legal query concerns a compensation claim for an animal which was sold as not being in calf, which ultimately turned out to be in calf.
12 February 2014 Opinion
Over €11m in compensation paid to turf cutters
A total of €1.7m has been paid under the cessation of turf cutting compensation scheme.
30 November -0001 News
Over 130 farmers apply for emergency flood damage relief measure
According to the Department of Agriculture, over 130 farmers have applied to the most recent of its flooding relief schemes, the Emergency Flood Damage Relief Measure.
30 November -0001 News
BSE 20 years on: “We have moved on from the hassle and secrecy of depopulation”
Mary and John Breen’s dairy and beef herd was culled after one of their cows died of BSE in 1996. Today, their farm is thriving and their son is preparing to take over.
30 November -0001 News