‘It’s not just about death; it's about the dreams you had’
Maria Moynihan
As part of our series on loss and love, Jeni Pim shares her journey through grief after the death of her husband Nigel from COVID in January 2021, writes Maria Moynihan
9 November 2022 Consumer
Finance: The importance of succession planning and making a will
As part of our series on loss and grief throughout November, Sarah McIntosh discusses the financial and legal conversations we don’t want to have, but must start.
2 November 2022 Features
Meet the woman who has made death her life purpose
As part of a new series for November exploring grief and loss, Maria Moynihan speaks to end-of-life doula, Melissa Murphy, about her work in supporting people to think and talk more openly about death
Folklore: the Pooka at Halloween
Folklorist Shane Lehane shares some tall- and terrifying- tales linked to ‘the Pooka’ at Halloween.
26 October 2022 Features
Health: more power to patients
Mistakes can happen in hospitals, so be prepared to speak up if you notice an error or something has gone wrong.
26 October 2022 Health
Reader Writes: on my mother’s grave, I seen her
With Halloween upon us once again, Arthur Broomfield recounts a tale of terror on a very Irish farm on a very Irish night with a very Irish legend.
26 October 2022 Features
Sitting has become the new smoking
Physiotherapist Stephen O’Rourke explains how too much sitting has become the new smoking; and what we can do to change it with our 21 day walking challenge this September.
7 September 2022 Features
Rise series: finding hope to cope with loss, cancer and life's challenges
In our Rise series exploring resilience, Maria Moynihan talks to Katherine Dolphin Griffin about how she found “hope to cope” with loss, cancer and all that life has thrown her way.
6 July 2022 Features
Embrace Farm launch financial, legal, agri and emotional support programme
Embrace FARM has launched the Encircle Programme to provide practical financial, legal, agri and emotional support to families left devastated by farming accidents.
15 June 2022 Features
How can I support my friend after the sudden loss of her mother?
Dear Miriam, how can I support my friend after the sudden loss of her mother?
8 June 2022 Ask Miriam