Nicolas Roche talks about cycling and Dancing with the Stars
Anne O'Donoghue
It was actually a rugby injury that made Nicolas Roche spend more time on the bike. Now having retired from professional cycling, he looks back on his career with Anne O’Donoghue.
4 May 2022 Features
Physiotherapy: common injuries on the farm
Physiotherapist Stephen O’Rourke discusses some of the most common injuries on the farm.
20 April 2022 Amii
Eat, sleep, work, repeat! Vicious cycle leaves no time for a healthy lifestyle
“If only I had the time, money and motivation, I would be able to change my bad habits.” Don’t change everything, change just one thing at a time is the advice from the experts. Writes Amii McKeever
Business diversification: bee supplement for fungus to an athlete’s foot spray
The seeds of entrepreneurialism are often sown with a simple realisation - I need a product, I can’t get. This was the foundation of Nuasan Skincare. Amii McKeever spoke to founder Dara Scott.
20 April 2022 Features
Returning to exercise after having a baby
As pregnancy can take a toll on the body, it’s important to seek support when returning to fitness. Maria Moynihan talks to women’s health physiotherapist Fiona Healy about exercise beyond the bump
20 April 2022 Features
Strength and conditioning is as important for those 50+ as for athletes
No matter how small the progress, success breeds motivation. Exercise coach Paddy Coady shares why a holistic approach to health and exercise is important for body longevity.
20 April 2022 Features
Weekend walks: Climb with Charlie
This weekend, Climb with Charlie will take place across the country. In honour of this, we have some hikes options.
1 April 2022 Features
Weekend walks by the seaside
With good weather promised, it might just be the right time to get out and about for a walk by the sea.
25 March 2022 Features
Physio for Farmers: myths about back pain
Physiotherapist Stephen O’Rourke dispels some of the common myths when it comes to back pain.
2 February 2022 Features
The three basic types of equipment you need for your home gym
Whether you want to get fit or follow up on a New Years resolution, setting up a home gym does not have to cost a lot or be time-consuming, writes Ilka Denker.
10 January 2022 Health
Mindfulness: being present is a gift we can give ourselves each day
The holidays can be hectic, but mindfulness coach Catherine Callaghan has the tools to help get you through without losing your cool (or your presence).
22 December 2021 Features
Mindfulness: how to ask for what you want
Mindfulness coach Catherine Callaghan discusses how to approach your wants and needs in order to practise the self-care you require to care for others
6 October 2021 Health