Backchat: Kilkenny Arts Festival
Sarah McIntosh
Kilkenny arts festival celebrates its 50th festival with ten days of events
2 August 2023 Features
Margaret Leahy: arts festivals show us that art and creativity are all around us
Margaret Leahy always learns something new at arts festivals, but her most important lesson? To dance like no one is watching.
12 May 2023 Features
Festival fever: summer festivals that are worth the trip
As the sun appears to be making its way through those recent showers, let’s take a look at the small but mighty festivals coming up around the country, writes Caitríona Bolger.
Time to make a break for the Costa del Connemara
Margaret Leahy loves the period between the May and June bank holidays when we go from evenings watching TV to sitting outside wearing two fleeces and getting eaten by midges.
3 May 2023 Features