Fair Deal reform could see nursing home residents keep rental income
Sarah McIntosh
Nursing home residents will keep 100% of income from renting out their home under Fair Deal amendments secured by the Regional Independent Group of TDs.
11 January 2023 Health
Healthbytes: from symptoms of childhood illnesses to getting better sleep
Want to know when you should seek medical help for your child? What symptoms could flag RSV or Strep A? Tips for getting better sleep? Margaret Hawkins has these Healthbytes and more.
14 December 2022 Health
Living well with a chronic condition
Struggling to cope with a chronic condition like arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, diabetes, COPD, Parkinson’s, long COVID or heart issues? If so, there is help.
Closure crisis in nursing home sector
Sixteen rural nursing homes will have closed by the end of 2022 taking 500 beds out of the system. How will this impact rural families? Margaret Hawkins reports.
9 November 2022 Health
Health: more power to patients
Mistakes can happen in hospitals, so be prepared to speak up if you notice an error or something has gone wrong.
26 October 2022 Health
Rural healthcare: Where to from here?
In the fourth week of our 2022 snapshot series of rural GP shortages, Margaret Hawkins gets a response to last week’s suggested solutions from the Minister for Health and outgoing HSE CEO Paul Reid.
5 October 2022 Health
Rural GP shortage: avoiding the abyss
Continuing our series on rural GP shortage, Margaret Hawkins talks to doctors’ organisations representatives about their ‘shopping list’ of solutions to ensure equal medical care for rural people.
28 September 2022 Health