Down to earth: setting up and earthing electric fences
Martin Merrick
Martin Merrick chats to Noel Lynch of Lynch Fencing on how to properly set up a system that works effectively.
27 April 2024 Infrastructure
Ensuring sufficient water supply this summer
Several factors feed in to the sizing of water troughs and a clean, fresh water supply is essential for all stock types.
24 April 2024 Infrastructure
Clarity needed for farmers to invest in their farms
Costs of infrastructure have never been higher and farmers need to know they are not throwing good money after bad.
Key tips on repairing or creating farm roadways
Martin Merrick looks at some of the areas that farmers may need to draw their attention to when it comes to roadway maintenance.
24 April 2024 Infrastructure
Exploring lower cost fencing options for sheep
An escalation in input prices in recent years has put a greater focus on driving performance from a grass-based system, but some fencing options have also become more costly.
24 April 2024 Infrastructure
70% slurry storage grant in the pipework but no mention of separate TAMS ceiling
While the European commission has given approval for a 70% storage grant, uptake will likely be low, show surveys and analysis. Martin Merrick and Siobhan Walsh report.
24 April 2024 Infrastructure
Pedigree palace in Monaghan for up-and-coming herd
Simone and Niall Maguire have recently built a bespoke cattle shed for their Rockvalley pedigree and commercial cattle herd.
24 April 2024 Infrastructure
Close to Rosslare Europort, this holding is suitable for all enterprises
Close to Rosslare Europort, this holding is suitable for all enterprises, writes Tommy Moyles.
31 January 2024 For Sale
Former dairy farm in east Galway is full of potential
A former dairy farm in the Ballinasloe area is new to the market. Well fenced and all in grass, this farm has no shortage of potential, writes Tommy Moyles.
24 January 2024 For Sale