Can you contact a tillage farmer about fodder
Siobhán Walsh
If you think you will need to boost your fodder stocks, it might be a good idea to talk to your local tillage farmer.
29 December 2021 Management
Five tips for grazing forage brassica crops
Forage crops can reduce the cost of wintering cattle, but there are some things to remember from a management point of view.
24 October 2021 News
Watch: this week in photos - a week of ploughing and protests
Our top farming photos from the past week include IFA protests, harvesting winter wheat, harvesting kale and more.
Beef Management: difficult grazing conditions and farm safety ahead of silage season
This week's management notes take a look at difficult grazing conditions, getting ready for kale planting and farm safety ahead of silage season.
26 May 2021 Management
Making big changes with organic farming in Aberdeenshire
Bruce Irvine talks to John Sleigh about his journey from a conventional suckler and sheep system to producing organic beef and lamb.
25 November 2020 Management
Plough On: scandal, intrigue, fads, money, mislead - food trends of the decade
We all have to eat. Amii McKeever looks back at food trends over the decade. Knowing what we know now, can we anticipate what lies ahead?
22 September 2020 Plough on
Way Out West: stabilising the future
The Kennedy brothers are focused on sustainable suckler farming for the next generation. Declan Marren reports.
Beef Management: kale, second-cut silage and farm safety
Beef editor Adam Woods takes a look at kale establishment, fertiliser for second-cut silage, BPS amendments and farm safety in the busy month of June.
27 May 2020 Management
My Country Living: ‘I like my wellies, but I like my heels too!’
As Susan Langrell has had to pause her life in childcare, she has moved into the role of a fulltime farmer. In conversation with Marcella Connolly.
29 April 2020 Features
Weather promotes spike in GLAS wild bird cover sowing
The crop needs to be sown by 31 May 2020, but contractors report excellent ground conditions is leading to demand to get crops sown earlier.
24 April 2020 Schemes
Securing winter feed with hybrid brassicas
Many farmers have turned to growing hybrid brassica crops as a source of feed over the autumn and winter. Stephen Robb runs through the agronomy of the crop
25 March 2020 Fodder
Beef management: outwintered stock, the stock bull and castrating
Adam Woods takes a look at looking after outwintered stock, keeping the stock bull right and asking a few questions before castrating.
1 January 2020 Management