Balladeer: The Bold Thady Quill
A subject of a famous Cork hurling song is as much myth as is his legend, writes Eoghan Corry.
17 April 2024 Features
Shortt stories
National treasure, comedian and actor, Pat Shortt turns it into a family affair, taking to the road with his daughter Faye and returning to the stage that started it all, writes Sarah McIntosh.
3 April 2024 Living Life
Sweet sounds of summer
As musical acts, events and festivals kick off across the island in the coming weeks, we’ve picked out a few that are upcoming that we know will get you in the mood for summer, writes Dee Laffan.
Balladeer: Boolavogue, the champion of sad rebel songs
With a long evolving history, this Wexford anthem is now one of the most popular, writes Eoghan Corry
13 March 2024 Living Life
Foster without Allen? Allen without Foster? Tony Allen launches solo career
After 50 years on the country music circuit, Tony Allen is striking out on his own with a solo album.
28 February 2024 Country Sound
Living Life: 8 of the best arts and cultural festivals this spring
As we welcome in brighter days, arts and culture festivals are taking place across the country. Here are eight of the best for the weeks ahead, writes Dee Laffan.
21 February 2024 Living Life
Balladeer: how did Molly end up as a folk anthem for Dublin?
“Alive, alive, oh,” is sung all over the world and Molly Malone has been on quite a journey with her wheelbarrow, writes Eoghan Corry.
14 February 2024 Living Life
Country Sound: from sugar beet to US tours, Art has seen it all
Six decades in the business, Cork man Art Supple – a master showman – was recently back in the recording studio, writes Michael Commins.
10 January 2024 Living Life