Support vital for farmers to comply with new nitrates programme – IFA
The new nitrates programme will have significant implications for farmers across all sectors.
18 August 2021 News
Suckler farmer to lose almost half his 2002 payment
A case study of a 50-cow suckler farmer shows how deeply cumulative CAP cuts will affect many farmers.
5 May 2021 News
Carbon tax cannot be used for co-financing
IFA president Tim Cullinan lays out the key elements of the IFA's CAP strategy to Pat O'Toole and Barry Cassidy.
Irish rare breeds get new herdbooks
The Dexter and Irish Moiled breeds will now be registered through an Irish herdbook following Brexit.
21 April 2021 Pedigree
REAP payment rates far too low and scheme a major disappointment - IFA
The IFA has said that Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue conceded that there will be significant participation costs for farmers.
16 April 2021 Schemes
Low-income farmers need a scheme that delivers up to €15k – ICSA
ICSA said it supports capping Pillar I payments at €60,000 and that hired-in farm labour should not be used as a way of circumventing this. Neil Maher reports.
14 April 2021 News
So-called ‘REPS-2’ pilot scheme is a sham compared to original REPS
The IFA pointed out that the scheme has been quietly renamed and is nowhere near delivering on the promises made in the programme for government.
7 April 2021 Community
REPS II a sham compared with its predecessor - IFA
The IFA said the pilot results-based scheme (REAP) is nowhere near delivering on the promises made in the programme for government.
1 April 2021 News
Weekly Podcast: Minister under fire on REPS II and Glanbia’s new rules
This week farmers took the minister to task over the new REPS scheme, plus find out what impact Glanbia’s new rules will have, an insight into British meat factories and plans for rural Ireland.
31 March 2021 News
10ha pilot scheme open for small and large farmers - Minister
Farmers who have 10ha will have the same opportunity to earn an income from the scheme as those with 100ha, the Minister has said.
30 March 2021 Schemes
Many farmers will be better off not entering new REPS - ICSA
The ICSA suggests that many farmers will be better off to see how they can benefit from dairying.
19 March 2021 News
‘New REPS’ to pay up to €6,900 per farmer
Details of the long-awaited scheme are emerging, with applications set to open late this year.
17 March 2021 News