Grain markets continue to oscillate
Andy Doyle
Recent market movements suggest that it is not sure what it should be doing but it still seems like supply and demand are likely to remain tight as we go forward.
15 June 2022 World
Global Report: stories from around the world
Updates from New Zealand, Russia, Argentina and USA.
14 June 2022 News
Lower wheat supplies according to the WASDE report
The World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates Report is released by the United States Department of Agriculture.
Global Report: stories from around the world
Updates from Canada, Brazil, Ukraine and Indonesia.
18 May 2022 World
Grain Trends: another mad week in grain markets
Futures and physical prices surged ahead in the past week, especially for wheat, following tight availability predictions in the WASDE report and the wheat export ban in India.
18 May 2022 Markets
New-crop wheat markets continue to surge
Two months ago it looked like dry harvest wheat prices might settle either side of €340/t. Now this has passed €410/t and price pressure continues, writes Andy Doyle
16 May 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: new-crop wheat passes €360/t
New-crop grain prices have risen by over €20/t in the past week to push green barley well over €300/t on forward prices, as November dry price passes €350/t.
13 April 2022
Grain Trends: reduced volatility as price drift continues up
International grain markets showed less volatility over the past week, as future contract positions increased slightly.
15 March 2022 Markets