Gaisce’s Bulbs for Bees campaign – believing in tomorrow
Ilka Denker
Gaisce, the President’s Award, has distributed over half a million pollinator-friendly bulbs nationwide, believing that their actions today, will help bees tomorrow, writes Ilka Denker
6 October 2021 Amii
Editorial: are data centres and cows Ireland’s natural advantage?
Many demands are being made of farmers and yet but there are no effective market signals in place to change production or reduce consumption.
4 October 2021 Education
Preventing a cyber attack as a college student
From ransomware to phishing, Ilka Denker gives a break-down of everything you need to know in order to protect yourself against cyber crime.
Money Mentor: the importance of data protection for farming families
Money Mentor Margaret Nolan explains data and the importance of data protection for farming families.
2 June 2021 Money Mentor
For your career in agriculture - small keys can open big doors
Now working with MSD Animal Health, Catherine Heffernan – who grew up on a dairy farm in Glenmore in south Kilkenny – has built a career in technology-focused agri companies, writes Amii McKeever.
19 May 2021 Careers
Money Mentor: increase in farms being hit by cybercrime
Money Mentor Margaret Nolan advises how to avoid cybercrime and invoice scams that are targeting farm business
7 April 2021 Money Mentor
Playing the numbers game
The Central Statistics Office busily records the actions of the Irish people, from death and divorce to jobs and obesity rates. This data is used to create policies to serve us, writes Amii McKeever
3 March 2021 Features
Why are agri-dads not availing of paternity leave?
Over 50% of fathers working in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector don’t claim their two weeks paid paternity leave, despite €245 weekly being available. Máiréad Ní Chiarba wants to know why.
3 February 2021 Features
Ireland, the perfect climate for growing grass and storing data
Emissions during the pandemic might have dropped but as the old saying goes 'what goes up, must come down'. Or in this case - what goes down, must go back up.
24 June 2020 Amii
Are we clicking 'yes' to sharing our data too easily?
With remote working now the norm, our private spaces are not as private and we are more online than ever. Our data is being collected to inform us but where do we draw the line? Asks Amii McKeever
13 May 2020 Amii
Piecing it together: a career in research psychology
Most mental health difficulties in adulthood start before the age of 25. Research coordinator at Jigsaw, Dr Ailbhe Booth, analyses the data to make sure the supports in place are effective
29 April 2020 Careers
Gender equality study on Irish meat industry
Irish meat businesses are being urged to take part in a gender equality study, Odile Evans reports.
18 March 2020 News