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The Edible Flower

Instagram Inspiration: Erin Bunting’s @theedibleflower cakes look almost too good to eat.

Erin Bunting’s @theedibleflower cakes look almost too good to eat. Though we stress the word “almost”. Because we are sure we could not resist a slice of that ginger cake filled with pear, ginger and rosemary jam and vanilla buttercream given half a chance.

However, the co-founder and cook at the Northern Ireland based fork-to-fork supper club and catering company, The Edible Flower, also shares plenty of recipes, tips and inspiration so that you can get creative in the kitchen as well.

Rural Rhymes

Corona Reflection

When I was young and went to school, long before the last full moon.

The teacher never taught me about the meaning of the word cocoon.

If you had asked me what it meant, I wouldn’t have a clue.

I probably would have said, it’s a monkey in the zoo.

Now I know all about it, all day long it’s on my lips

Can’t go out a-shopping, not even for a bag of chips.

I know everyone is getting restless, when will it ever end.

It’s hard on younger families, they must be driven ‘round the bend.

We can’t give up the fight now, the stakes are high, you see.

Would you rather be at home, or have your name in RIP?

So let’s all stick together, so we all may live to see.

The hustle and the bustle, of what a normal day would be.

– Alec Byrne, Glen of the Downs, Greystones, Co Wicklow.

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Chef Janine’s Tip

Starting your day with a wholesome breakfast gives you a great boost of nutrition and energy when you need it most (especially after a long, indulgent Christmas holiday). I’m always too busy to make a proper breakfast, so instead I make a quick smoothie with Greek yoghurt, a banana, some frozen fruit, milk and 1 tbsp milled flax seed. I also like adding in 1 tbsp of turmeric – it adds a lovely, golden hue, a gently spiced flavour and has natural anti-imflammatory qualities.

Number of the week


The typical gross pay in euros per milking on a 150-cow herd. So in this case the person milking five days a week will have a gross pay of €600 for doing 20 hours work or an hourly rate of €30/hour.

Photo of the week

Ellen and Hannah Cooney all dressed up in their Irish Farmers Journal merchandise.

Quote of the week

From Dr Mark Rowe.

Hope doesn’t pretend everything is perfect. Hope doesn’t make excuses. Hope is accepting and acknowledges the reality of the current situation – and works to find the best way forward.