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Bernie Murphy

With contemporary creations like her colourful slipknot headbands (pictured above), Irish designer Bernie Murphy @berniemurphyid has taken traditional Donegal tweed into the 21st century.

Other accessories in her collection include vintage inspired barrett bows and Irish linen facemasks; all imagined, designed and made with love and care in the northwest.

Bernie Murphy at work in her studio.

Rural Rhymes

This poem was sent in by reader Fiona McMahone

Our Friend Robin

On a cool crisp winter’s day,

The sun smiled it’s face over our land,

I pottered about the yard,

Singing quietly to myself,

Loosening compact soil,

Weeding now and then,

Pruning the odd plant,

Collecting fallen leaves here and there, Planting winter flowers.

Our friend Robin appeared,

Displaying his red breast,

Dancing about my feet,

Warming my heart,

Singing me a tune,

Gazing into my soul,

Watching over me diligently,

Feeding on worms,

Quenching his thirst on dew,

Flying away as I left and whispered to him, Goodbye dear friend, Stay safe and well, Until we meet again.

–29 November 2020 v1.1

Chef Janine’s Tip

These past weeks I’ve been craving warming, spicy foods. It’s not my culture, but I have developed a deep love for Indian cuisine over the years. I don’t often have time to make my own flatbread, but, sometimes, if I have leftover pancake batter I leave it in the fridge overnight (to lightly ferment), add a bit of plain yogurt to the mixture and fry until bubbly on top and just cooked through. It’s far from authentic, but a great subsititute for traditional Indian flatbreads; perfect for sopping up every bit of that delicious curry sauce.

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The amount, in litres, of whey drink being produced in one batch at Tullahay Farm. Rosemary Cleary O’Shea invested in a 110-litre pasteuriser to make her products.

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From Cormac Byrne of Bluezone Fitness:

We can all start looking after our own health better and that is what inspired me – I needed to look after myself with my own illness, but I wanted to help others

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