Rural Rhymes

The Walk

Hair flowing

Cheeks glowing

Breeze blowing

I’m enjoying this walk

Arms swinging

Heart singing

Birds winging

I’m enjoying this walk

Legs striding

Sign-posts guiding

Law abiding

I’m enjoying this walk

Bees humming

Streams running

Nature stunning

I’m enjoying this walk

Cows grazing

Others lazing

Views amazing

I’m enjoying this walk

Sheep bleating

People meeting

Cheerful greeting

I’m enjoying this walk

Friend’s together

Having a blether

Whatever the weather

I’m enjoying this walk

by Helen Mackey

Tweet of the Week

Instagram Inspiration

This beautiful shot of a pair of swans standing by the River Quoile was shared by @honeybeeireland last week. The Quoile (from Irish “an caol” meaning “the narrow”) is a river in Co Down. The honeybeeireland page is dedicated to all things nature. From explosively colourful shots like this one, to informative posts on honeybee hive and pollination, this page is devoted to sharing the best of Co Down’s rugged rural beauty. Wholesome and educational – what more could you ask from an Instagram page?

Quote of the Week

It’s a bit like golf with a hazard in front of you, just take the hazard out. Take the test and, in my case, it came back clear the first time – happy days. The second time, two years later, it came back saying they wanted to do more investigations and, again, I wasn’t going to ignore it

– Paddy Byrne

Number of the Week


the number of US presidents in history.

Photo of the Week

Helping Grandad: Sienna and Sian McDonnell from Co Tipperary helping their grandad John Mulcahy to feed a calf.

Home management tips with Katherine O’Leary

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling groggy and thinking that you might have an allergy? Sometimes all you need is fresh air in the bedroom. When last you opened a window in the bedrooms? It’s the only way to get fresh air into our rooms. This is one of the basic rules of home management. Open the windows for a period of time every day. Some people prefer to open them slightly by night. Air circulation can be adequate in a busy household where doors are opening often. Research indicates that it only takes 15 minutes for the air to be replaced in a house. Good ventilation is important to blow germs away. Turning on the extractor fan in the kitchen also pulls stale air out of the room along with the cooking odours.