There was 1,350 calves on offer in Bandon this week and it appears there is no let-up in calf prices.

Sailing disruptions in the first half of March created a little uncertainty and it would be fair to say there was a bit of nervousness surrounding the price for this week’s export-type Friesian calves.

Fortunately, seas calmed and boats got away on Saturday, which played a part in reducing the numbers and prices for shipping-type Friesian bull calves held well.

This week saw most sell in the €40 to €85 range.


Again, the demand for the stronger and squarer Friesian bull calf saw prices of up to a top of €220 paid.

The bulk of British Friesian bull calves saw strong farmer activity and mainly sold from €90 to €130.

There’s a fierce want for calves at the moment

Beef crosses from Jersey crossbred cow herds sold for similar prices to those British Friesian bull calves, with a shake more available for those from continental bulls.

Jersey-cross and lighter Friesian bull calves, as well as half-twin Friesian heifer calves, sold for under €40.

Beef breeds

The demand for beef calves hasn’t let up this spring and this week was no different.

As one patron outside the mart summed it up: “There’s a fierce want for calves at the moment.”

The bulk of Angus and Hereford are making €190 to €260.

At the very top end, there is up to €290 to €370 available for calves under six weeks.

A word of caution on that - that price is going for the really strong calf and they are seeing a flurry of online bidding, which is driving up the price early when the calf is in the ring.

Continentals continued their strong vein of form, with up to €455 available and a good few bulls and heifers selling from €300 to €400.

In pictures

€75 was the average price of these three-week-old bull calves.

This three-week-old bull calf sold for€105.

This three-week-old bull calf sold for €60.

€85 was the average price of these bull calves.

At 25 days old, this Belgian Blue bull calf sold for €415.

This group of one-month-old heifer calves averaged €230.

Just gone three weeks, this group of Angus bull calves averaged €235.

Just over five weeks of age, this group of bull calves averaged €115.

This three-week-old Angus bull made €335.

These one-month-old Angus bull calves made €260 each.

This six-week-old Hereford bull calf sold for €320.

This one-month-old Hereford heifer made €260.

These one-month-old Angus bulls made €275.

Just over two months, this Belgian Blue heifer sold for €310.

This pair of three-week-old Angus heifers made €200.

These one-month-old bull calves sold for €120 each.

Approaching seven weeks of age, this pair of Hereford bulls sold for €370.

This one-month-old Charolais bull calf made €455.

These two-week-old bull calves sold for €50 each.

This pair of one-month-old Aubrac heifer calves made €245.