Tuesday last saw Ballyjamesduff Mart, Co Cavan, host its weekly sale of bullocks and heifers. The sale was a large sale for the time of year, with almost 300 cattle going through the ring.

In recent weeks, the mart has seen a strong trade for factory-fit cattle, with this week proving to be no exception.

The heifers saw a super trade once more, with demand for all heifers both for feeding and the factory. However, the factory-fit heifers were still leading the way, with a large demand from agents for these.

Lighter heifers for feeding weighing 420kg to 500kg met a sale average of €2.25/kg, with a top price in this weight bracket of €2.50/kg.

Heavier heifers also for feeding from 500kg to 560kg saw an average slightly less than the lighter heifers at €2.20/kg, affected by some heifers having a few moves.

Heifers weighing 600kg-plus saw a super trade, with some of these reaching €1,000 on top of their weight and having a sale average of €2.35/kg.

Mart manager John Tevlin said: “Factory-fit cattle are in demand and there is no sign of this changing.”

This February 2019-born Friesian bullock weighed 600kg and sold for €1,090 (€1.81/kg).

Bullocks saw an even stronger trade, with a large selection of factory-fit bullocks meeting strong demand from both online and ringside bidders.

Heavier bullocks were in demand, while there was still customers for lighter bullocks which needed feeding.

Tevlin added: “Men buying these bullocks for feeding seem confident that the prices will hold out.”

Bullocks weighing 450kg-plus saw a super trade, with some of these making as much as €2.50/kg, with an average of €2.30/kg. Heavier bullocks 550kg-plus met a similar trade, with the average around €2.30/kg.

Some dairy-bred bullocks in this weight bracket came in at €2.20/kg. Bullocks over 650kg saw a strong trade for continental bullocks averaging €2.15/kg, while dairy-bred bullocks saw a lesser trade. Bullocks 700kg-plus saw a super trade, with some of these bullocks crossing €2,000 easily, with an average of €2.30/kg.

Tevlin said: “With prices the way they are, it is looking extremely positive for the upcoming autumn weanling sales and that is the way it should be for farmers.”

This November 2019-born Charolais bullock weighed 530kg and sold for €1,300 (€2.45/kg).

This August 2019-born Aubrac bullock weighed 800kg and sold for €2,060 (€2.57/kg).

This June 2019-born Charolais heifer weighed 635kg and sold for €1,460 (€2.29/kg).

This April 2020-born Limousin heifer weighed 450kg and sold for €920 (€2.04/kg).

This March 2019-born Hereford bullock weighed 640kg and sold for €1,390 (€2.17/kg).

This August 2019-born Limousin heifer weighed 625kg and sold for €1,580 (€2.52/kg).

This March 2019-born Angus bullock weighed 790kg and sold for €1,760 (€2.23/kg).