The South East Technological University (SETU) annual awards recognise the contributions of SETU academic and research staff to high-quality, innovative research.

One of the major award winners at this year's ceremony was Dr. Imelda Casey, a lecturer in the Department of Land Sciences and a well-known researcher in clover.

This research has focussed on developing a system of dairy production using grass and white clover with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

This work is carried out in collaboration with Teagasc in Solohead and Johnstown Castle where the results to date have shown that it is possible to grow large quantities of pasture with very low levels of artificial nitrogen.

The Research Excellence Impact Policy and Practice award was presented to Dr. Casey at a ceremony in the Waterford campus by Prof. Veronica Campbell, president of SETU.

Dr. Casey was one of the first Teagasc Walsh Fellows, obtaining her PhD in the 1990s and her work in SETU is based around sustainable grass systems research.