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Average price of estate purchases up 87% at Savills
John Sleigh
The average estate sold for £8.8m which was a rise of 87% on the year at Savills.
23 February 2022 Scotland
‘Derisory’ offer from Government to control geese
Crofters frustrated by the level of funding to support goose management.
23 February 2022 Scotland
Scottish Trends: Scotch steers getting paid less than English and Welsh
Scotch cattle still struggling to get paid the same as English and Welsh.
Scottish farmers still in the dark on payments
Farmers were left disappointed about the lack of update on the future of farm support from the Rural Affairs Minister at the NFUS conference.
16 February 2022 Scotland
Scottish Prices: Scotch PGI beef cattle £30/head below English price
The price of Scottish PGI qualifying cattle is still below the price paid in England.
16 February 2022 Scotland