I am currently enjoying a gorgeous staycation in the sunny southeast.

The other day, while I was getting myself ready for an outdoor meal, I noticed that many of the cosmetics and skincare products I had with me were Irish.

It is so amazing to see such a large amount of wonderful brands coming from incredible Irish women. I want to share with you what I had brought, and some of the brands I love.

Though I love the sun, I always wear a high factor sunscreen as I do not want to damage my skin or age it prematurely. I opt for a false tan, instead, which gives me a nice, healthy glow. I absolutely love Bare by Vogue Dark Lotion (€20), which has a beautiful guide colour so you can see where it is going and has no false tan smell at all.

Bare by Vogue Dark Lotion.

I especially love this one because it dries so quickly and is not sticky – you can pop it on and get dressed almost immediately. I find it lasts about five days, as I work out every day, but if I didn’t I would say it would be longer. I always moisturise after my shower, too, which I feel helps to keep it longer.

They do a lovely facial tan spray, too (€15), which adds a nice glow to your face. The Bare by Vogue products are available in most pharmacies, online and in Penneys and they have a range of lotions and mousses depending on what you prefer.

For skincare, I have been really loving using the Pestle and Mortar Erase and Renew cleansing system (€60). This duo leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh and feels like you have just had a spa treatment, too. They also have fab moisturisers and serums for the face.

For cosmetics I use Ayu, which is my own range. In the summer I tend to keep things light and opt for a touch of concealer and cream blush to give me colour, and a coat of mascara on my lashes so I still have a bit of definition without feeling like it is too much!

Ayu Under Eye Concealer.

I also always carry a hydrating mist – it is even more important to have one with you in warm weather, as your skin can really dry out. The mist will refresh and hydrate your skin while on the go! My favourite is the Ella & Jo 3 in 1 Hyaluonic Skin Mist (€25), which is available in most pharmacies and also online.

Ella & Jo 3 in 1 Hyaluonic Skin Mist.

I love to swim in the sea while I am away and feel it is just so refreshing – but it can leave my skin very dry, so I use Tan Organics Body Oil (€25) each day after my shower to nourish the skin again. It soaks in quickly, so you are never left with an oily residue on the skin and you will notice within three to four days of using it that your skin is soft and feels like silk.

I am so proud to be able to fill my travel bag with Irish brands and love to celebrate all of these amazing Irish women who have gone out and created something they felt so passionate about. Their love for what they do really shines through in their products and I hope that you might enjoy some of them now, too.