Heavy weanlings saw the largest increase in prices in 2022, according to Irish Farmers Journal analysis of 2022 weanling sales data. The analysis shows of the top third in terms of quality, that heavy weanling heifers over 450kg saw the largest increase at 29c/kg or almost €150/head.

Heavy Limousin weanling heifers saw the largest increase in this category, coming in at 35c/kg more in 2022 or a €175/head increase on a 500kg heifer.

In the 300kg to 400kg bull category, it was the Belgian Blues that came out on top at €3.42/kg followed closely behind by the Charolais at €3.30/kg. It was a similar story in the 300kg to 400kg weanling heifer category with the top spot going to Belgian Blue heifers at €3.49/kg. Limousins came in at €3.13/kg, followed by Charolais at €3.09/kg.

It was a very good year for weanling exports, with exports almost doubling on 2021 numbers to just under 35,000 weanlings. Speaking to Irish exporters, the outlook remains very positive with a lot of enquiries from the Middle East for cattle in 2023.

It’s also been a positive start to 2023 in the beef trade, with some factories increasing heifer quotes by 10c/kg this week to bring them to a base price of €5.20/kg.

Bullocks are working off a base of €5.05/kg to €5.10/kg. Fleshed cows are also in high demand with some factories paying as high as €4.30/kg this week for well-fleshed P grading cows. Heavy U grading cows are coming into €4.80/kg in some factories.

The total prime cattle kill finished up at 126,000 head for 2022, with the largest increase coming in the cow category with an extra 59,000 cows.

Over 1,000 cows/week were processed in 2022.

Certified Irish Angus Group bonus

The Certified Irish Angus Group have announced their spring 2023 pricing structure. This will include a bonus of 30c/kg for in-spec Aberdeen Angus cattle booked in through the group and slaughtered between 3 April and 9 June 2023.

This is on top of the 20c/kg in-spec bonus and any grid bonuses.