SPADE Enterprise Centre provides support to start-ups
Grace Hanna
Organisation SPADE has opened Dublin’s first commercial kitchen to assist food and drink start-up businesses.
22 September 2023 Living Life
Immersive cycling experience in Carlow
On Sunday 24 September, rural Carlow’s language, landscape and history will be celebrated in a collective cycling experience 'Cycles'.
20 September 2023 Health
Zoetis Osteoarthritis Campaign
As part of animal pain awareness month this September, Zoetis Ireland urges dog and cat owners to be aware of any signs of Osteoarthritis in their pets.
Chef Network initiative for aspiring chefs
A new initiative launched by Chef Network invites aspiring chefs to ‘go behind the pass’ from 6 to 12 November in some of Ireland’s best restaurants, cafes, bakeries and hotels.
19 September 2023 News
Cloonacool annual sheep festival kicks off next week
The village of Cloonacool in Sligo will have its annual sheep festival from Thursday 21 to 24 September.
16 September 2023 Around the country