The Mind Yourself’ Garden

Designed by Sarah Buckley, this garden intends to provide a calm restorative space for people to engage in nature and ‘mind themselves’. The periphery features perfectly planted flowers, representing that everything is fine in the outside world. The centre is a peaceful enclosure with woodland-style planting. Here the visitor is intended to reconnect with their feelings and let the restorative effects of nature lower their stress levels.

• Garden 2-Small show garden category

The Family Friendly Garden

As part of Bord Bia’s ‘Easy Steps to Dream’ garden series, designer Maeve O’Neill highlights practical factors to consider when planning a garden for a family. The space is intended to adapt to a family’s changing needs especially as children grow. It features a patio, grass area and a relaxed seating spot with a sandpit and shed. The planting is designed to encourage pollinators and wildlife.

• Garden 13- Large feature garden category

The Children’s Health Foundation Garden of Music and Play

Designed by Declan Mc Kenna, this garden demonstrates how the Children’s Health Foundation supports sick children in Ireland. It represents the healing power of nature and is a response to the 14 new gardens under construction in the new children’s hospital in Dublin. This garden features a chime sculpture, pond and a moon gate to the central garden as well as an insect hotel. The four living wall elements symbolise Dublin’s four children’s hospitals.

• Garden 19-Medium show garden category

Love that Keelings Feeling Garden Designer: James Purdy/ Sponsor: Keelings

Love that Keeling Feelings Garden

The ‘Love that Keeling’s Feeling Garden’, designed by James Purdy is a walkthrough garden space where all five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound can be explored. This garden is nestled in a boundary of native hedgerows where fruit fields, apple trees and rhubarb bushes can be found. It is designed to create an open and engaging growing environment to help visitors understand more about Irish agriculture. Furthermore, it demonstrates how gardeners can take inspiration from Ireland’s farming landscape when creating a beautiful garden at home.

Garden 11 - Large show garden category

St James’s Hospital (BRAVE) Highlighting Hereditary Cancer’ Garden

Designed by Linda Mc Keown, this garden aims to raise awareness of hereditary cancer. BRAVE, based at St James’s Hospital is dedicated to improve resources for individuals at high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. The garden is modern with an organic twist, with various sculptural aspects including a DNA double helix water feature. A seating area floats over an elliptical pool where impactful messages are displayed for visitors to read.

• Garden 17-Medium show garden category

Marie Keating Foundation Early Cancer Detection is Key’ Garden

The importance of early detection and the positive outcomes of an earlier diagnosis are highlighted in this garden, designed by David Gallagher. The five most common cancers in Ireland are represented by five striking stone columns. The garden also features a reflection area with a fire pit symbolising the importance of conversations and community for cancer patients.

• Garden 15 - Medium show garden category

Nourishing Dairy - From the Ground Up Designer: Tünde Perry/ Sponsor: National Dairy Council

Nourishing Dairy – From the Ground Up

Forging a deeper connection between consumers and sustainable dairy production is the intent behind this NDC garden, designed by Tünde Perry. It also aims to promote the essential nutritional credentials and great taste of locally produced Irish dairy. The heart of this garden is the farm, showcasing Ireland’s unique landscape and it includes a grass meadow and native trees.

• Garden 10 - Large concept show garden

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