Farmer Writes: irrigation continues as soil moisture deficit hits
Julian Hughes
The soil moisture deficit is extreme on the farm and, compared with last year, it wasn't even this low, writes Julian Hughes.
5 March 2019 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: precision farming gets under way
In keeping with trying to squeeze every last drop of efficiency from what he does, Julian Hughes has launched phase one of a precision farming project.
1 August 2018 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: cost of growing crops is sky-rocketing
The rain has arrived, the country is going green again and the lads are gone to the Galway Races, writes Julian Hughes.
Farmer Writes: irrigation is like drugs to plants
The dry summer following the wet winter has Julian Hughes trying to refrain from joining the irrigation frenzy going on around him.
26 June 2018 Farmer Writes
Farmers Writes: the need for farmers to engage the consumer
Kilkenny tillage farmer and vegetable grower Julian Hughes visited the UK and found out that our concerns are their concerns and we could be better at talking.
18 November 2017 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: 'then we do it all, all over again'
Co Kilkenny vegetable and tillage farmer Julian Hughes is looking forward to the winter programme and summer cropping draws to a close.
18 September 2017 News
Farmer Writes: farming is a game of percentages
Co Kilkenny vegetable and tillage farmer Julian Hughes is thinking more and more about the small margins in order to be a success.
12 July 2017 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: the buzz with ag tech
Julian Hughes is exploring more and working through the complex but integral world of technology in agriculture.
2 April 2017 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: Time for a clean-up of the machines
Julian Hughes has finally gotten the chance to wash down his machines, but the question plagues him of whether it is better to pay high depreciation and low maintenance with new kit or vice versa.
1 May 2015 Farmer Writes
Drive for lower cost food adds to a farmer's capital costs
Farmer writer Julian Hughes looks at the investment and risk challenges of meeting the consumer and retailer pressure for lower cost food production.
30 June 2014 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: SFP tilted unfairly against some of our most progressive farmers
I often wonder if proponents of the quaint 100 acre EU country farm would be happy to live off the income of a farmer in this situation rather than a Brussels salary.
31 March 2014 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: We expect to pick 750,000 bunches of flowers this year
"In lay terms, that’s 7.5 million times somebody has to bend down and pick an individual stem over the February to April season."
18 March 2014 Farmer Writes