The amount of farmland coming up for sale in Dublin has been falling in recent years – and it fell again in 2020.

Just four farms came on the market last year which was half the number of the previous year.

Of the four that were offered, two sold and both sold by private treaty.

The total area of land offered was 177ac. Two of the farms on the market were residential, the other two were not.

Price swings

Given that just two holdings sold in the county in 2020, we did not calculate an average price. We need a minimum of three sales to do so.

We cannot disclose the actual prices or average of 2020 as the two sales were conducted by private treaty.

In contrast, the county had the highest prices in our surveys of 2018 and 2019.

Also in strong contrast, in 2018 there were seven pubic auctions of farmland in the county.

Could supply of farmland in the county recover? Farmland continues to be eaten up in Dublin by residential and industrial construction and by road building.

Nonetheless, auctioneers in the county are hopeful that more farmland will go on sale there in 2021.

Vital statistics

  • *Average: not applicable
  • Acres offered: 177.15
  • Total number of farms: 4
  • Price range: not applicable
  • Most active buyers: not applicable
  • Weighted average: not applicable
  • *Based on 2 transactions