When the sun’s out, it’s time to crack open your summer wardrobe – which probably includes shorts and dresses.

Ladies, it’s time to be brave and get those milk-bottle-white legs out on show. I’ve always shaved my legs because I find waxing a bit too painful and shaving is so quick and easy.

I exfoliate in the shower, first, to get rid of any dry skin – especially on my knees and heels. Then, I use a blob of hair conditioner and smooth it over my legs from the knees down. Using a new throwaway razor, carefully shave your legs using an upwards motion.

Take your time and don’t forget to shave your ankles, knees and any hairs that might be looming on your big toes. Once you’ve washed off the conditioner, dry your legs well and then lather them with a good moisturiser. Take the time to rub the cream well into the skin and do this once a day – every day – to have your legs really moisturised.

Hair care

It’s not just the sun that can damage your hair; chlorine (in a pool) and seawater can be very drying, so your hair will need extra hydration. I use coconut-based products and argan oil in my conditioner; ideal for all the family. This will build up strength in your roots.

I use a hair treatment mask once a week to replenish the hair. It’s important to book in and have a really good haircut a week before you set out into the sun, because heat can be drying on your hair and especially on split ends. You can get a leave-in conditioner or detangler that is designed to protect your hair in the sun. Always spritz your hair with the sun protector before going to the beach, wear a hat and – if your hair is long – pop it into a plait when you are swimming.

If you have young children with long hair, plaiting it will save the upset of trying to detangle hair after a long day on the beach.

On a daily basis, I have been taking the Absolute Collagen Vitamin C & Collagen Supplements made with delicious new raspberry, mango and mandarin flavours. These little sachets of pure collagen magic work wonders to help with anti-aging; replenishing my skin’s texture and tone and has made my hair shiny, stronger and in beautiful condition. After only a few weeks of taking it, my skin and hair is glowing and feels great. I’m hooked on this fabulous beauty buy (€37.99).


I’m a huge fan of fake tan for summer because a good fake tan really does give your skin a pep up and bronzed skin makes you feel more confident in your swimming togs and summer attire. The beauty market is flooded with fake tans, but there are two I adore.

Dove Visible Glow Fair To Medium Self Tan Body Lotion (€7.99), is perfect to smooth onto the skin after your shower. I put this all over my body and it leaves the skin perfectly moisturised with a very light glow and it just takes off the winter paleness. Then, if I am wanting a slightly deeper all-over tan, the absolute best fake tan I’ve ever used is Skinny Tan & Tone Oil (€20). This tanning oil is a game changer – it’s so quick and easy to apply and does not come off on your sheets or clothes.

I apply my Skinny Tan in the evenings, because it takes eight hours to develop fully. This amazing tan literally glides onto the skin, smells faintly of coconut and looks bronzetastic and natural. Do always remember to wash your hands after application. I cannot recommend Skinny Tan more highly.

Skin care in the sun

Now, the most important protection for all the family’s skin this summer is your sun screens and creams. I always have my sun skincare in a clear, plastic zip bag so that I can see exactly what’s what. My favourite SPF 50 is by Guinot: the amazing anti-aging Youth Perfect Finish Tint sun cream for the face is perfect to be worn under your makeup. Apply to the neck and back of hands (€60). It lasts beautifully and is well worth the money.

La Roche-Posay Light Invisible Factor 50 (€19) is water resistant, ideal for sensitive skin and suitable for someone who wears contact lenses. Lancome Factor 30 for face and neck (€20) is enriched with vitamin E to protect and care for your skin. Clarins Total Sunblock Stick (€25) is ideal for the eye area, nose, ears or anywhere that needs to be completely protected and blocked from the sun’s rays.

If you do have the misfortune of getting sunburnt, carefully apply Aloe Vera Bondi Sands After Sun (€7) to the affected area. This gel-like cream will soothe and heal the burnt skin. I keep the aloe vera after sun in the fridge all summer so that the cold will really help take away the heat from the burn.

Drink plenty of water whilst sitting out in the sunshine, especially if you’ve treated yourself to an alcoholic beverage, always wear a sun hat and lather on lashings of your sun factor. Here’s to a happy, sunny summer.