All the signs are here; birds chirping, buds blossoming, longer evenings and warmer days. Finally, spring is around the corner!

The heralding of spring brings the promise of getting out and about, of planning weekends away and of joyful gatherings. The season of special events is about to begin.

Now, this can ignite a sense of anticipation and dread in equal measure. There’s the happy anticipation of a celebration, of spending time with your favourite people and then, there’s the dread of having to answer that question: What will I wear?

Fear not, lovely readers, I have found many beautiful options that will have you celebrating in style. Here’s to the good times ahead!

There was a time when we had to forgo comfort for the sake of style. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Irish brand Ora Clothing offers a collection that is both comfortable and stylish, with a size range from 12 - 26. Their collections are designed for curves and, as the basic block pattern is a size 16, this ensures that the cuts are really flattering. Both the top and trousers can be styled separately in many ways, giving you that much valued versatility. Circle top €137, trousers €120 by Ora Clothing (

Sunglasses by Mr Boho €69

If there’s one accessory that can define your personal style, it’s a pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re looking for that cool off-duty celeb look, that retro inspired vibe or all out rock star statement style, the right shades will transform your look. These sunglasses by Mr Boho are one of my favourites; oversized yet sophisticated, with a tortoise shell finish that tends to suit our weak sunshine better than black; and they are great value too! Sunglasses by Mr Boho €69 (

Dress by Grace and Mila €79

Perhaps one of your celebrations will take you to a sunny destination…hurrah! However, it does leave you with the challenge of packing it all into your pixie sized bag. You seek maximum style with minimum kilos. This beautiful print dress ticks all the boxes; it’s lightweight fabric, so ideal for warmer weather, it will take up virtually no space in your suitcase, the sleeves are sheer, so your arms are covered without a cumbersome additional layer and it has a flowing cut, so it won’t be clingy as you dance the night away! Dress by Grace and Mila €79 (

Sequin headband €45

It’s the finishing details that can really elevate a look. This handmade sequin headband is effortless to wear, elegant and practical. If you’re not usually a wearer of hats, I don’t advocate wearing one on The Big Day, as they can feel awkward and uncomfortable. Perhaps a better option is an embellished headband. They are such a practical option as there’s none of the dreaded “hat hair” and your tresses will stay perfectly in place all day long. Sequin headband €45, Wendy Louise Designs.

Dress by Kate Cooper €249

If your invitations are beginning to stack up and you’ve no desire to buy an outfit for each and every one of them, this timeless take-you-anywhere dress will work every time! The vibrant, rich colour is so versatile; team it with a striking pop of colour to perfect the dopamine dressing vibe or opt for a more demure tone-on-tone palette. Wear embellished footwear and a headband to inject texture and glamour to your look. And when the parties are all done, it’s a perfect summer dress worn with white trainers as a more casual option. Dress by Kate Cooper €249 (

Sandals by Monsoon €85

For me, one of the most important elements of creating a special look is my choice of footwear and one of the most important factors in that choice is that my footwear must be comfortable. You know how it is, once your feet are tired, the good times are over. There was a time when I would tolerate the pain of sore feet, but no more. These sandals have a small platform heel, so you get all of the height with none of the pain as the weight is spread evenly along your foot. They have a sheen finish which adds a glamorous edge and the colour is a great mood booster. Sandals by Monsoon €85 (

Dress by Sophie Schnoor €159.95

If you love a statement dress with the minimum amount of fuss, this timeless dress may be for you. The sculptural design is exquisite, the statement sleeves add a quiet drama and the vintage inspired colour is soft and feminine. It’s playful and yet sophisticated, one piece dressing at its best! This dress does all the hard work, allowing you to style it in a myriad of ways, depending on your mood. Dress by Sophie Schnoor €159.95 (