When did you set up your business and why?

I started Kopper Kreation in September 2018. I had worked in the renewable sector for 10 years in a small firm selling renewable energy technology such as solar panels, underfloor heating, heat pumps, etc, and we had a small manufacturing plant which I noticed had a lot of scrap metal waste.

A lot of the pieces were perfectly usable, but not for what they needed them for and would typically be sent to the scrap yard once a month.

I researched how much energy and carbon was used in actually recycling metals and was shocked, so I decided to try to reuse some of the pieces of copper and Kopper Kreation was born.

Can you explain your process?

I started with pieces of scrap copper pipe and made some tableware items such as candle holders and candelabras and other quirky items for around the home.

Emmet Bosonnet of Kopper Kreation

All of the pieces are soldered - I wouldn't guarantee that they are water tight (as I am not a plumber!), but prefer to solder rather than glue, as it's a more authentic look.

I then discovered that there was a lot of smaller, lighter copper pipe that was typically used for gas cookers or brake fluid lines and this was really easy to bend, shape and polish.

I made my first lamp by bending and polishing the copper by hand. I showcased my initial pieces at a local farmers market Honest2Goodness in Glasnevin in Dublin and almost sold out the first day.

The feedback was incredible and I felt at this stage I may have something with it!

What is your best seller?

My best seller is my set of three bud vases. I am really proud of this product, as it is 100% recycled.

The copper pipes are offcuts and then the glass test tubes were bought at auction from an old science lab that closed down. I literally have thousands of them!

I loved experimenting with the different finishes on the copper, like the lovely marbled effect you get when heating them and also the beautiful blue and green patina that develops when you use a carefully thought out household mix.

I use one part Miracle Gro and three parts red wine vinegar with a dash of toilet duck. They even won an award for sustainability at the Showcase event in the RDS in February.

What is it about your business that brings you joy?

I love making things. In particular, I love working on custom pieces.

I have turned so many different and unusual things into lamps - from old fire extinguishers to opticians' eye charts to even an old brass nozzle from a 1940s fire hose.

Currently, I am working on some 1970s-made microscopes from a school science lab that I bought recently on Adverts.

What are your hopes for 2023?

I recently launched a brand new collection of table and floor lamps called 'The Tesla Collection'. I am super proud of them and have worked with some incredibly talented people to bring the collection to life in really unusual ways.

I would love to see this collection do well and hopefully sell a few lamps.

What advice would you give to another start-up business?

Go for it, take advice graciously, network, seek support that's freely available and above all else believe in yourself.

It's far from easy, as most people can imagine, but so incredibly rewarding. If you believe and try hard enough for long enough, you can make it happen.

For further information, visit www.kopperkreation.com.

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