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Finance: mortgage refusal - what next?
Getting planning permission for a farmhouse is an achievement. A reader writes about getting refused a mortgage as the location of the house is too near the yard. Jerry O’Neill has this advice
Finance: now is the time to think about your 2024 financial reboot
22 November 2023 News
Finance: now is the time to think about your 2024 financial reboot
It's time to consider how you can best fill the gaps in your family's financial plan for 2024.
Picking out the perfect gift for the guys
22 November 2023 Consumer
Picking out the perfect gift for the guys
From luxury dry robes for the sea swimmers to flight simulator experiences and Irish bog oak razors, Grace Hanna has picked out some gifts to suit the men in your life.
What to get the ladies in your life
From dry robes for swimming enthusiasts to quirky vintage plates we kept most of our gift suggestions Irish made and sustainable for the women in your life.
22 November 2023 Consumer
Consumer: cutting through the carbon jargon
Whats the carbon footprint of your food? Carbon labelling is vague and confusing at present but consumers can expect more clarity in the near future, writes Dee Laffan.
8 November 2023 Consumer
Finance: join the dots for mortgage approval
Are you ready to build their farmhouse of your dreams? The reality of obtaining a mortgage may be putting those plans on pause but little adjustments can make a big difference, writes Jerry O’Neill.
8 November 2023 Consumer
Finance: learning to manage your debt in five easy steps
Sean McNulty of Rethink Money shares his top tips and advice for clearing your loans and becoming debt free.
1 November 2023 News
Finance: funding yourself after handing over the farm
During farm succession, it is essential to plan ahead and consider how you are going to fund yourself financially after handing over the farm, writes Jerry O’Neill.
25 October 2023 Consumer
Consumer: smart shopper
Dee Laffan looks at how to save money using tech to aid our shopping needs and pick up a bargain.
11 October 2023 Consumer
Carol Brick: understanding financial roadblocks for women in agriculture
Qualified financial advisor Carol Brick explains the barriers which still exist for many women in agriculture and how best to navigate them.
11 October 2023 News
Finance: if you’re not saving in your 30s it’s time to start
Managing director of Rethink Money Sean McNulty shares his top five reasons why having a financial plan in your 30s is vital for a stable and secure future.
4 October 2023 News
Tips for how to shop and eat on a student budget
Going to college can be a financial challenge for many reasons, but food doesn’t have to be one of them, writes Dee Laffan.
20 September 2023 Consumer