This weekend, the clocks will be springing into official summer time.

It is an opportunity to sort out wardrobes that find themselves heaving with winter coats, wool jumpers, warm dresses and boots.

A few hours out on the line in this blustery weather will freshen up woolen garments and in going through drawers and racks, you might find summer dresses forgotten about from a few years ago.

This great sort-out can leave you wondering how to edit what you have without going to unnecessary expense updating the key anchors of your wardrobe.

Help is at hand

Stylist Maria Macklin (@unlocking_your_style) wrote recently about deciphering classics, trends or fads on her blog and provided tips for investing in clothes.

In this post she references King Louis XIV of France for setting trends; to help the French textile industry, he changed clothes every season. In the royal court, a certain date indicated the switch from winter to summer clothes.

Stylist Maria Macklin shares her tips for updating your wardrobe this spring

Maria points out that a successful wardrobe with no reference to trends can be perceived as old-fashioned or boring while with no classic items, a wardrobe could be seen as lacking in style.

So, what are we to do?

Let’s take a leaf out of Maria’s book and bear some of her tips in mind:

1. Begin by understanding what your style is. Not all trends suit all people.

2. If a trend piece catches your eye, ask yourself: “Will I be wearing this five years from now?” If the answer is yes, then that looks like a solid purchase.

3. If investing in a classic garment, examine it in detail and be fastidious with the quality.

4. Consider making an appointment with a stylist to develop your understanding of your style and colours so that when it comes to investment purchases, you choose wisely.

Thrifty opportunity

In Cork this weekend, The Everyman theatre has just spring cleaned its costume department and is opening its doors to share this treasure trove of gems with the public.

You’ll find a mix of original designs, thrift and high-street fashion that has been collected for productions over the years.

The Everyman Theatre, Cork is having a fundraising vintage sale this weekend

Located on MacCurtain street in Cork city’s Victorian Quarter, this 650-seater theatre celebrated 125 years as Cork’s cultural home last year.

As a registered charity, income is generated from ticket sales, donors, supporters and members. Eight per cent of income comes from Government funding.

All donations received this weekend will support The Everyman to continue to produce theatre and promote artists.

The Everyman’s Vintage Fundraiser takes place on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March from 11am until 4pm.

Browse the rails, enjoy a drink in the beautiful surrounds of The Everyman bar and help raise funds for Cork’s cultural home.  

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