Today I want to talk about the three main things I see constantly that hinders people from finding the right person.

1 You are still hung up on your ex

I know this is a tough one, as when you really connect with someone on every level, it is hard to think how this magic will ever happen again, but I assure you, it can. There is not just one person for all of us. There are eight billion people on the planet.

I have seen it time and time again that people’s hearts are completely broken and with time and hope they go on to meet people that they love even more and are happier with than they ever were with their ex.

To move on I would say immediately get rid of all traces of that person. Not in a hate way, but in a “I send you on your way with peace and love” way. If all your space (emotional, physical and mental) is taken up by your ex there will be no room for the new person.

2 You are holding out hope for someone you like

You have met someone already that you really fancy and are hoping that it will lead to something solid, so you don’ t date anybody else. You stay single.

They might be stringing you along by ghosting you (the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication), breadcrumbing you (sending flirtatious but non-committal text messages – breadcrumbs – in order to lure a partner without expending much effort) or even doing none of these things.

They might just be in your life at a distance, yet you have a place set at the table in your heart hoping someday they will show up for dinner. When you do this, you are rejecting everybody else in the process.

To move on you need to keep an open mind and date other people. Have faith that there is a bigger master plan. Usually someone better suited to you comes along and sometimes when you do start dating someone else, that person you were holding out for, realises that they really do want you after all.

3 You are with the wrong person

This is the most dangerous situation because people that string you along can waste years of your life, usually the best and easiest years for you to meet someone.

This person does not appreciate you. They are not 100% all in yet they keep you on the line. This is because they are not sure you are the one for them.

This could be because they don’t want to be alone or maybe they are just keeping their options open, either way they are wasting your precious time. They are standing in the way of you meeting the right person who will adore you and who will be all in.

To move on you need to leave the relationship immediately, because they never will. Trust this half-hearted relationship is a steppingstone to the right person for you because it is.

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