Front loader manufacturer Stoll presented a number of quirky innovations. However, each one remains in the concept stages.

The silver medal-winning telescopic front loader, dubbed the ‘Teleloader’, uses a 0.5m extendable beam, coupled with a pivoting swing arm, which can fully straighten to collectively increase the overall reach by 1.5m to a total 5m.

It is designed for tractors in the 120hp to 150hp category, which typically have maximum lift heights of 4m.

The system will be offered on all ProfiLine models within the next two years.

When the telescopic beam is fully extended and the pivot is fully straightened, the loader has an additional 1.5m reach.

Automatic coupling

Stoll also presented its fully automatic front loader coupler system. The automatic system removes the driver’s need to leave the cab to couple/uncouple the loader as well as its hydraulic services.

Using a pin cylinder (similar to a loader headstock locking mechanism), the front loader locks itself into the tractor bracket.

The hydraulic and electric lines are also connected automatically. The parking stands also move in and out automatically. The firm hopes to offer this feature next year.

An Isobus loader control option was presented, whereby the loader is controlled via the tractor’s onboard joystick and Isobus terminal.

The fully automatic coupler system latches in and out of place using hydraulic pins, similar to the locking mechanism used on loader headstocks.

Up to 12 functions can be selected via the tractor’s terminal and set based on operator parameters. These functions include: bucket shake, load-dependant lowering, vibration damping, weighing, return to position, etc.