Shelbourne Reynolds has added a new flail head memory option to all of its 8000 series hedge cutters fitted with S-Touch touchscreen controls.

The head memory function is designed as an operator aid to reduce the amount of repetitive movements and reduce fatigue.

The new addition allows operators to set, store and instantly return to any default or preset head angle.

Effectively, the option is designed to eliminate the need for corrective joystick inputs to re-adjust the head angle once the boom is moved, thus reducing the number of repetitive movements.

Essentially, the system offers four operating modes: ‘0 degree’, which automatically keeps the head horizontal, a ’90 degree’ mode, which keeps the head vertical, a ‘preset’ mode, which allows the operator to set an angle that is to be maintained and, finally, a ‘variable’ mode, which selects the last head angle set using the joystick rocker switch.

The head memory option is only available on 8000 series machines equipped with S-Touch controls.

The head memory option will roughly add a further €1,370 plus VAT to the S-Touch control package.