A Cavan contractor has developed an ingenious way of lifting the rear wheels of a tractor off the ground to repair or replace them, using the tractor’s own hydraulic power.

Pauric Fay’s Trakjak can be used on any make or model of tractor. It is designed to make wheel changes easier on larger tractors.

The tractor is driven over the unit and the tractor lift arms are connected to a set of pins and raised. An adjustable large shaft sitting on rollers engages with the underneath of the tractor, raising it as the tractor’s three-point linkage is raised. This also engages two steel wheels to support the tractor. The tractor rear wheels can then be removed, as they are lifted clear of the ground.

The tractor is supported by a solid 80mm shaft which can be placed in three settings depending on the tractor size and model.

Once the tractor is raised, it can be supported in a fixed position by a set of legs that are also adjustable. This means that it is supported by a system separate to the tractor hydraulics.


The wheels on the front of the Trakjak allow it to be moved on its own power around the farmyard. This can be done on four-wheel drive tractors where the power to the front wheels will move the machine around at a slow speed.

The Trakjak has full CE approval and Pauric has carried out a number of tests to achieve this. The jack is rated to 12t so it can handle even the biggest tractors with ease, according to Pauric.

The price of the unit is €2,300 plus VAT. There are no additional fittings needed.

Pauric, who is a silage and slurry contractor from outside Cootehill, Co Cavan, developed the unit for his own business. He has since supplied a number of the jacks to other contractors and tyre fitters.

Pauric can be contacted at 087-2678902 or by email on pauricfay@gmail.com