McCormick has announced new additions to its short wheelbase (SWB) four- and six-cylinder X7 range, which will be showcased at Italy’s EIMA show in Bologna from 19 to 23 October.

The X7 SWB range comprises the four-cylinder X7.417 (165hp) and X7.418 (175hp) and in its six-cylinder format, the X7.617 (165hp) and X7.618 (175hp). Both the 4.5l four-pot and 6.7l six-pot FPT engines meet Stage V emission standards.

All four models are fitted with the P6-Drive (30f x 15R) powershift transmission although the X7.418 and X7.618 is available with a continuously variable four stage VT-Drive transmission.

The P6-Drive transmission is equipped with a brake to neutral function and an auto powershift function allowing it to be driven similar to a CVT transmission. The 12in touchscreen benefits from a new menu for faster operation.

Four-cylinder models offer a 2.65m wheelbase, while the larger six-pots sit slightly longer at 2.76m.

Changes have been made to the 3,500kg front linkage to improve operator visibility. The one-piece bonnet is also new and opens right through to 90°. The new cooling Matrix system allows better access to the radiators for cleaning. The cab features 12 LED lights which provide 360° visibility at night.

The X7 SWB as standard features the engine brake system, which uses the turbo’s throttle valve to reduce engine rpm in conjunction with the rear brakes.

As standard, a 123l/min closed-centre hydraulic pump is fitted. However, a larger 160l/min pump is available as an option. Maximum rear lift capacity is 9,300kg.

Further options include front axle suspension and mechanical or semi-active electronically controlled cab suspension.

It is believed the new X7 models will be replace the current Stage IV X7.450, .460, .650 and .660 tractors.