The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has opened a €14.5m funding call for research projects, which could support the rollout of the State’s environmental policies.

Projects which focus on medium- and long-term research needs will be targeted with funding and the areas of greenhouse gas emissions, water quality and biodiversity are among those at which the funding call is aimed.

Proposals are sought from the four following areas of research:

  • Addressing climate change evidence needs.
  • Delivering a healthy environment.
  • Facilitating a green and circular economy.
  • Protecting and restoring the environment.
  • Knowledge gaps

    Director of the EPA’s office of evidence and assessment Dr Eimear Cotter stated that the agency remains committed to backing projects which address knowledge gaps and provide the information needed to formulate environmental policies.

    “We have recently announced an increase in the PhD stipend to €25,000 for EPA-funded students and now invite research proposals across a range of open themes focusing on funding medium- to longer-term research,” Cotter said.

    The EPA’s 2023 research call awarded a combined €14.3m to 33 different research initiatives, 40% of which had never before availed of EPA funding.

    The agency’s research manager Dr Darragh O’Neill commented that this year’s call seeks to build on the one opened last year by inviting applications from a wider range of study areas.

    “Recognising the environmental, economic and societal challenges associated with the green transition, we particularly encourage applicants to consider inter- and trans-disciplinary projects with contributions from diverse research disciplines and sectors,” he said.

    Interested parties can apply for funding before 30 May, with those successful to be selected by the end of the year.