Up-to-date science must be used consistently to validate anything that is said in the public domain, National Dairy Council (NDC) CEO, Zoe Kavanagh, told the Dairygold conference in Fermoy last week.

This was prompted by a question from the floor, asking if the NDC plans on continuing its advertising campaign following complaints of it being misleading.

In December, the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) ruled that the NDC’s advertising campaign should not reappear in its current form.

Kavanagh explained that the only issue that the ASAI could trip the NDC up on was how up to date the papers they were referencing were.

“The piece that was upheld was us referencing our Irish carbon footprint in the context of a global number, and we were confidently saying that Ireland is more than half the global average.

“What they took issue with was that the global issue was cited from a paper published in 2010.”