Two of the songs in the chosen four were penned by the late Johnny McCauley, a man synonymous with the Country and Irish genre.

Johnny spent his formative years in Derry city and his song, Hometown On The Foyle, celebrates his love for the place he always held close in his heart.

Pretty Little Girl From Omagh and Four Country are the two songs from his vast repertoire that have been chosen as nominees in this category. The Omagh song has been a constant on the Irish circuit four decades and is probably one of the most recorded Irish composed country songs of all.

Four Country Roads, all about the town of Glenamaddy, gave Big Tom one of his massive hits in the 1980s. Back then Glenamaddy was a bustling rural town in north east Galway and Joe O’Neill’s Sound of Music Club played host to all the big country and pop bands of the area.

The other songs in this category, which we will look at over the coming days, are One Day At A Time and Wagon Wheel.

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