DS Hart arrives at the pub to tell Aaron his alibi isn’t credible, and he soon grows suspicious of Ross. But he has bigger problems on his hands when Robert approaches him with a gun. Is Debbie at risk now too for giving him a false alibi? Meanwhile, Rhona and Paddy get through to the next stage of the adoption process, but Bernice hints to Rhona that Paddy has been shopping for jewellery. Meanwhile, Chas finds herself drawn to Gordon, but how will Aaron react?

Coronation Street

Tracy is mortified and furious when Rob tells her he was lying to her all along just to ruin her life as she did his. She tries to convince Robert that it is him she wants to be with, but she’s concerned when she sees him with Leanne. Carla discovers a secret about Johnny that leaves her reeling, and when she and Robert end up at a casino and have too much to drink, she makes a mistake that threatens her engagement.


Dean is frustrated that his perfect Christmas dinner doesn’t go to plan and he lashes out, accidentally injuring Roxy. Mick’s stag do arrives and Lee plans a huge party. Dean is furious and his behaviour spirals again, and Shirley catches him attacking Roxy. Alfie arrives in the square and quizzes Kat on why she just left Spain. Mick and Linda’s happy day arrives and now that the family know about Dean, he is completely ousted from the family. However, his revenge puts lives at risk.

Fair City

Renee and Farrah arrive to take Ellie to the Panto but Heather sends them away, then lies to Ellie and says Farrah cancelled. Dan is shocked when Sally announces she has had a prestigious coaching job in England. Neasa is frustrated with Tommy looking into her relationship with her boyfriend and tells him to stay out of it. Tommy has his suspicions about her life in New York. Heather does her best to make out that Ellie is still sick.