Desperate Farmwife: Clarkson is not alone in ‘farming the unfarmed’
Jeremy Clarkson did not invent ‘farming the unfarmed’ – Irish women on farms have been masters at it for centuries, writes our Desperate Farmwife, as she looks forward to continuing the tradition.
22 May 2024 Living Life
Savour the moment with food festivals
What’s better than a festival of food to tantalise your taste buds? As Ireland’s vibrant culinary scene comes to life, Grace Hanna dives into a smorgasbord of festivals to get your teeth into.
8 May 2024 Features
From a hob, two pots and a mixer to artisan food producer of the year
When Miena Rust started making nougat, an adviser dismissed her business – now she is the Blas na hÉireann producer of the year and her nougat is sold nationwide, writes Maria Moynihan.