Boortmalt harvest price now settled
Siobhán Walsh
Boortmalt has settled its harvest price for this season. The price is based on an average price over a 24-week period.
30 August 2023 News
Boortmalt silent during ‘one of the worst years’ for growers
The IFA has said that Boortmalt has cancelled two meetings with its organisation and say another meeting has been requested.
15 August 2023 News
Malting barley harvest effectively over as crops fail
Tillage farmers are struggling to harvest all crops at present and malting barley quality is deteriorating as time goes on.
Grain Trends: some prices back but uncertainty remains high
The European Commission reduced its forecasts for EU27 wheat, barley and maize crops, with EU stocks expected to contract.
2 August 2023 Markets
Boortmalt must scrap drying charge - Irish Grain Growers
What tillage farmers need now is support from buyers not new charges, The Irish Grain Growers Group says.
27 July 2023 News
Price of the pint up again, but charge remains for the farmers
The price of a pint is going up and farmers are being charged for drying and logistics. It’s hard to understand.
26 July 2023 News
Malting barley price stands at €263/t
The Boortmalt malting barley price is based on the average of a European malting barley price throughout the season.
18 July 2023 News
New app to notify beekeepers when spraying
Boortmalt has launched a new app for mobile phones so that farmers can notify bee keepers in their area that they are going to spray plant protection products.
12 June 2023 News
Malting barley price drops €5/t
The malting barley price paid to Boortmalt suppliers is based on the average price of a French malting barley price from mid-April to mid-September.
9 May 2023 News
Boortmalt harvest price calculation under way
The harvest price this year will be subject to a €10/t charge to cover the company’s increased drying and logistics costs.
26 April 2023 Markets
Boortmalt tried to impose surcharge after making millions
Controversial "energy surcharge" was later dropped after outcry from growers.
5 April 2023 News