Boortmalt scraps energy charge but goes back on moisture bonus
Siobhán Walsh
Boortmalt is the biggest buyer of malt in Ireland and brought in a controversial energy charge this harvest.
23 September 2022 News
Boortmalt harvest price finishes at €398.38/t
The price is calculated based on an average of a French malting barley price over the season from April to September.
20 September 2022 News
Malting barley harvest price to settle this week
The price is based on the average of a French malting barley price, the FOB Creil Planet price.
Distillers and brewers should offer ‘fair and strong price’ to barley growers
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue shared his view on the payments made to barley growers for their grain as well as drying charges imposed by Boortmalt during the recent harvest.
7 September 2022 News
Tillage farmers get just 1c from €5 pint
Malting barley is essential in the production of Irish drinks, but the farmer gets a very small percentage of the price of a pint.
31 August 2022 News
Malting barley growers getting 1c from pint
A little bit extra on the pint could make a big difference to tillage farm incomes. At present, the farmer is getting the least amount from the pint, writes Siobhán Walsh.
31 August 2022 News
Whiskey Association thanks growers
The Dealer thinks the Irish Whiskey Association timed their tweet poorly last week when it came to thanking growers.
24 August 2022 Dealer
Boortmalt harvest price continues to drop
The price used to develop the harvest price for Boortmalt suppliers dropped significantly last week.
23 August 2022 News
Tillage podcast: harvest results and what to plant
On this week's tillage podcast, Andy Doyle and Siobhán Walsh chat to Dónal Fitzgerald of Goldcrop about harvest results and crop choice for the coming season.
18 August 2022 News
UTP rules apply to sale of grain
Boortmalt's introduction of an energy surcharge as crops were being harvested sets a very dangerous precedent.
17 August 2022 Editorial
Farmers 'furious' at Boortmalt energy charge
Farmers are frustrated at the fact that this charge was introduced at harvest time when crops were being cut.
17 August 2022 News
Farmers paying to keep drink prices lower
Malting barley growers are unhappy with the current situation, which saw a charge imposed on them as they harvested their crops.
17 August 2022 News