Catch, cook and craic in Howth
Amii McKeever
Amii McKeever “landed” in Howth Cookery School having never before fished for her dinner, but with chef Sarah Hughes and skipper David Doyle on hand, a fish supper is now totally doable.
10 August 2022 Features
Behind the scenes of the summer show: John Hassett, Cappamore Show
In this week’s behind the scenes of the summer shows we talk to John Hassett, secretary of Cappamore Agricultural Show in Co Limerick. In conversation with Niamh Gunn.
8 June 2022 Features
Irish teacher on living with the reality of school shootings in the US
Teacher Annie Burke from Tipperary has been teaching elementary school children in the US for six years. After the Uvalde school shooting, she spoke with Amii McKeever.